Explaining Composite Doors

Explaining Composite Doors

Explaining Composite Doors

At Roundbrand, we’ve got over forty years of experience working in the home improvement industry and there are certain questions that we keep hearing. In the past few years, one that keeps cropping up is “what are composite doors?” So, we thought we’d put together this short guide that will hopefully answer all your burning questions. 

What Makes A Composite Door?

Composite doors are a type of front door that are manufactured in a specific way. The majority of external facing doors in the UK are built with one of three materials; wood, uPVC or metal (usually aluminium). But as the name suggests, composite doors are made with multiple materials. 

The average composite door consists of a thick central core with several layers of different materials built around it. These are bonded together under high pressure and the whole thing is covered in a laminated outer skin. This unique construction method makes composite doors reliably sturdy and thermally efficient, so they’re perfect for keeping homes safe and warm. 

Installing A New Composite Door With Roundbrand

At Roundbrand, we’ve partnered with composite door experts Distinction Doors. We’ve installed composite doors in homes across our hometown of Doncaster and the surrounding county. They’ve been very popular and for good reason!

Composite doors have multiple benefits; we’ve already mentioned their strength and energy efficiency, but they’re highly versatile too. The first composite doors were rather dull, but since then their designs have vastly improved and it’s now possible to get all manner of attractive styles. We’ve created bespoke composite doors for traditional homes in the countryside, cutting-edge new builds and many more.

We love composite doors here at Roundbrand and think they’re perfect for just about everyone. If you’d like to know more about designing a composite door for your home, get in touch. We can’t wait to work with you.

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