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Design your own Roundbrand
Patio Doors

Select and quote from many styles, colours and glass designs all from the comfort of your own home!

Sliding patio doors

Our patio doors are renowned for their great looks and superb protection from the elements. The standard style is our classic in-line patio door, a smooth and streamlined design that’s not only attractive but easy to operate as well. The built-in brushes automatically sweep away any minor debris and ensure it continues to operate without trouble.
Roundbrand patio doors feature separate chambers that improve drainage and enhance the door’s strength, and the ultra-slim sightlines let you enjoy a brighter home. Our fully sculptured sightlines provide a beautiful finish and we have two, three or four-pane doors available.

Colour palette

Like all of our products, we have an extensive range of foils and colours in stock. We have a wide choice of standard colours that we can apply to your sliding doors but we can offer bespoke colours as well, so don’t hesitate to ask.
Regardless of your preferred finish, you can rely on your patio door colours not to fade, scratch or peel. We build our doors to last so they’ll continue looking their best for years, regardless of how much wind, rain and direct sunlight they endure. You can even choose to have your preferred colour on the outside only, and keep the inside white.
For more information or to obtain a colour swatch, call 0800 731 34 34 or fill in our contact request form below.

Patio door handle

We don’t believe you should ever compromise on security, so all of our patio doors are equipped with sophisticated modern locking mechanisms to keep out intruders. Our sliding patio door locks achieve full PAS24 certification and they’ve been rigorously tested to ensure they perform at a high standard.
Consequently, when you order new patio doors from Roundbrand, you’ll get complete peace of mind. Because the doors feature the industry-standard Eurogroove, you can even opt for a different lock provider if you wish. These doors are compatible with a wide variety of locking mechanisms and if you have a particular lock in mind, just let us know.

Quote Your Own Patio Doors

If you’d like to design your own patio doors without leaving the comfort of your own home, we recommend our online quoting engine. You’ll able to design every aspect of your uPVC patio doors, from the size to the colour and the locking mechanism and glazing. Give it a spin and see what you can create.

User-Friendly Patio Doors

Patio doors have a slight reputation for being difficult to operate. Older patio doors tend to wobble in their tracks and require a lot of effort to move, but with Roundbrand that’s not an issue. Our uPVC patio doors are built to the highest standards and are easy to operate.


They’ll remain securely fitted for years to come and thanks to the ‘crash stops’ within the mechanism, will slide smoothly and won’t come loose. These are also hidden and won’t disrupt the smooth, streamlined finish.


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Energy Efficient

High Performance Patio Doors

We manufacture all of our patio doors in-house to reach a high standard of thermal efficiency. Our French doors can achieve U-values as low as 1.3 with double glazing and with a triple glazing upgrade, this can be improved even further. These doors will trap household heat, help to reduce your energy bills and make it far easier to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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Secure And Customisable

Eye-Catching Patio Doors

Our patio doors are fitted with an industry standard Eurogroove design, making them compatible with an extensive range of locking mechanisms for enhanced home security and complete peace of mind. Their multi-chamber profiles make them exceptionally strong and perfect for keeping unwanted intruders and extreme weather at bay.

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